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Let me start by introducing my Sacred Traditions

Shamanism is ancient, indigenous, ancestral wisdom and has been around for 40,000 years existing in all indigenous cultures in all parts of the world. It is based in awareness, gratitude and service being deeply rooted in connection with the natural world. Shamans were the first medical specialists in indigenous communities, and their traditional methods are known to be effective in treating both physical and psychological ailments. The goal — to heal people, communities, institutions and the earth and to live in balance — is always the same, although practices vary from culture to culture. I support people in understanding and unfolding appropriately of their personal responsibility in doing the inner work necessary to live with integrity. I encourage a truthful exchange of how you use spiritual practice in your life and how it can be deeply enhanced to nourish your body, mind and soul. You cannot change what did or didn’t happen for you, what you can affect is how you are with that and how you express yourself.

Healing is multidimensional. I consider the physical body the symptom body of all the other bodies; Essence Soul body, Electrical Nervous System body, Emotional personality ego body and Ancestral DNA body. By working with the symptoms presenting through the physical body, the other bodies can be accessed and healing, understanding, integration can be fostered. Once the message is delivered, and understood, the symptom is no longer necessary. Shamanic wisdom can provide valuable lessons applicable to personal awareness, balance, growth and development of right relationship to the self, to others and to their environment.

Now add my Wholistic approach. Originally the term Holistic or Integrative practice was created because it was perceived that health and healing needed to incorporate the Spiritual ingredient that was perceived missing in current scientifically based Allopathic practices. For me I consider that the Spiritual component is inherent in all individuals, therefore I do not need to include it, as it is already there. So I work with the whole person; body, mind and spirit to foster health, balance and the inherent joy of life which is our birthright. When working correctly, the body is like an amazing orchestra playing in accord. (The heart is the percussion section, the nervous system is the strings, and so on.) When it is not, the potential is there to tune, practice and encourage the original blueprint to reawaken and begin functioning as it is capable of.

When the frequency of trauma is present in any of the bodies, it shows up as a symptom which sometimes has a message. The frequency keeps replicating itself until it is understood. With the use of Color, Light, Touch, Talk and Smell, different frequencies are offered to the body and it can use those to release the traumatic frequencies and return to wholeness, ease, health and balance. People often refer to the physical and emotional challenges in their life as bad. When something is considered “bad” it is held in place and there will be no progress. I encourage people to refer to the presenting experience as a teacher or opportunity for growth. When an individual engages with the energies as an ally, progress will be more accessible. By becoming compassionate and open, information can be exchanged and the results can be the unfolding of an amazing adventure that you would not have embarked on if the challenge had not presented itself in the first place.

For over 16 years, Sunny has studied and apprenticed with Jose and Lena Stevens of the Power Path School of Shamanism. Her experiential knowledge includes the understandings and Spiritual practices of the Huichol of Central Mexico and the Shipibo of the Peruvian Amazon and other indigenous cultures. Previously, Sunny studied with indigenous Elders who gathered to share their native wisdom and ways within the Medicine Wheel Gatherings and Wisdom schools created by the Bear Tribe. She has been deeply immersed in this way of life, traditions, wisdom and practices since 1978 through years of studying with Elders who shared their ways, philosophies and extensive grass roots wisdoms, she also includes integrative therapies of our current healing processes.

Sunny has come to a deep respect and understanding of how to help individuals with their Soul’s curriculums which may involve health, relationships, abundance and what they choose to do with their time here on Earth in this life time. She is able to create specially individuated solutions to personal life and health challenges individuals may be facing, as well as supporting them in developing skills, encouraging healthy boundaries and deleting erroneous imprinting through ongoing and unwavering support as is needed.

I start where you are. Some individuals think that they need to do something in order to start with me. Most times doing takes us away from our desired outcome. I encourage you to accept where you are and not add any more doing to your approach. You cannot resolve an issue with the same patterns that got you into it in the first place. You are a human being, not a human doing. By choosing an attitude of acceptance, your path will unfold more accessibly from there.

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